Welcome to Tsume, the home of high-quality Damascus steel knives with synthetic resin handles. Our brand stands for precision, durability and beauty. We believe that a knife is not just a tool in the kitchen, but a work of art that improves your cooking skills and increases your enjoyment of cooking.

Our story begins many years ago when our founder discovered his love for the craft. He began building and selling furniture out of wood and synthetic resin. Each piece was handcrafted to ensure it was of the highest quality and elegance. Customer feedback has been consistently positive and they have been delighted with the attention to detail that has gone into each piece.

As our founder continued to grow in his craft, he became interested in making kitchen knives. He noticed that there were many knives on the market that were functional but not necessarily beautiful or durable. He realized there was a gap in the market that he could fill by making high quality Damascus steel knives with resin handles.

Since 2019, Tsume is proud to sell its knives in Germany. Our customers appreciate the beauty and functionality of our knives and appreciate the attention to detail that is put into each piece. We believe that everyone who is passionate about cooking should have a Tsume knife in their kitchen.

Our brand prides itself on using only the finest materials and craftsmen to create our knives. We believe it's the little details that make the difference and set our knives apart from others on the market. We pride ourselves on being a company that stands for quality and excellence.

When you buy a Tsume knife, you're not just buying a tool for your kitchen, you're buying a work of art that will last for years to come. We're proud that our brand stands for durability, beauty and precision, and we hope you share our passion for craftsmanship and cuisine.