Chef's knife Gyuto Sobokuna

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The most important knife in the kitchen

The chef's knife , chef's knife or " Gyuto " is a versatile tool that can be used for various cutting techniques. It is ideal for cutting meat , fish , vegetables and fruit . The tapered blade tip is perfect for precision cuts, while the flat heel area is ideal for rock chopping . The chef's knife is also suitable for "tap chopping", "butt cutting" or "pulling cutting" . The blade is light and thin, resulting in precise handling . The chef's knife is a multifunctional tool and a must in every kitchen.

  • 67 layers of Japanese Damascus steel with VG-10 stainless steel core
  • Hardened to 61° HRC Rockwell
  • Razor-sharp chef's knife
  • Agile and precise thanks to the strong blade
  • Exquisite gift box included

The “ Sobokuna ” collection embodies the essence of elegance and functionality .

The handle of this exquisite knife is made from premium olive wood . The warm, natural wood gives the knife an organic beauty and ensures a pleasant feel . Each handle is unique with individual grain and color variations, making the knife an artistic work of art for your kitchen.

The damascus blade of the “ Sobokuna ” knife is the result of a fascinating craftsmanship process . The hammered steel creates a stunning pattern that looks like flowing waves , making the knife an eye-catcher . This unique damask grain is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a sign of the knife's exceptional quality and durability .

The " Sobokuna " knife is an essential tool in the kitchen. Thanks to the sharp damascus blade, it cuts effortlessly through any food and enables precise cuts . The robustness of the hammered steel ensures long-lasting sharpness and longevity . The knife is also resistant to rust and wear , which underlines its reliability and ease of care .

Experience the combination of tradition and modernity , quality and style with the “ Sobokuna ” damask knife. A companion that will leave a lasting impression not only in the kitchen, but also in your life.


  • Each handle is unique with a unique pattern
  • Damascus blade with a swirl pattern
  • Perfect piece of jewelry for your kitchen
  • Durable and elegant .

A culinary delight in perfection

Each knife impresses with its extremely sharp blades and perfect balance for comfortable handling. Cutting food becomes a pleasure.

Dedication down to the smallest detail

Every detail is carefully checked by hand to ensure you the highest quality Japanese knives.

Gift for the highest demands

Delivered in a high quality gift box for protected and low-risk shipping. Perfectly packaged as a special gift for all cooking enthusiasts.

Unique craftsmanship

Each knife is the result of exceptional skill and dedication to the craft. Every single knife is unique.



collection Sobokuna
length 345mm
Blade length 210mm
Strength 3mm
Weight 249 grams
hardness 60-62° HRC
Handle Olive wood
Packaging Magnetic Gift Box Black
grinding angle 15°
blade 66 layers of Damascus steel with VG-10 stainless steel core

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Nikolaus Schroll
Sehr zufrieden

Das Messer kommt sehr gut verarbeitet und unglaublich scharf an. Ist mein erstes aber definitiv nicht mein letztes Tsume.

Sandro Nisius
Top Messer

Ich bin absolut begeistert von dem Messer schön und super scharf. Preis Leistung ist auf jeden Fall super

Sehr schön

und scharf!

Jörg G.

Das Kochmesser Gyuto Sobokuna hat mich sehr überzeugt!

Sabine Siewert


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