Carbon Gold

Fillet knife Carbon Gold


King of meat and fish

It is the perfect tool for all meat and fish lovers looking for precise cuts and perfect fillets. In contrast to classic chef's knives, the thin and flexible fillet knife leaves no meat on bones and joints and offers safe and quick cutting thanks to the razor-sharp blade. The fillet knife is ideal for filleting fish, cutting poultry, pork and beef and is an indispensable tool for all chefs who want to master the supreme discipline of filleting.

With the Tsume fillet knife you will be able to achieve precise and professional cuts and perfectly separate the fillet from bones and bones.

  • 67 layers of Japanese Damascus steel with VG-10 stainless steel core
  • Hardened to 61° HRC Rockwell
  • Razor-sharp blade for effortless cutting
  • Flexible blade for precise cuts
  • Improves cooking skills and saves money
  • Exquisite gift box included

This is what makes the “ Carbon-Gold ” collection special.

Our new knife collection is a work of art of materials. Every handle is handmade out of carbon fiber , Gold leaf and Resin to create unique and elegant designs. The handle is made of multiple layers of carbon fiber that give it strength and durability. The gold leaf in the center of the handle adds a touch of luxury and Sophistication and sets the knives apart from conventional kitchen knives.

A thin film of synthetic resin stabilizes and protects the handle Gold leaf , while he also has one excellent grip offers. The combination of these materials not only provides an attractive look but also a robust and durable construction.

The blades are out high quality steel forged and hammered with care in an elegant wave pattern that makes each knife one Artwork who makes cutting art.

Our Carbon Gold Collection is the perfect choice for those looking for the best in their kitchen. Each knife is unique and offers unparalleled sharpness and precision to enhance your culinary skills and give you an unparalleled cooking experience.

  • Each handle is unique with a unique pattern
  • Golden inlay for stabilization .
  • Damascus blade with a swirl pattern
  • Perfect piece of jewelry for your kitchen
  • Durable and elegant .

    A culinary delight in perfection

    Each knife impresses with its extremely sharp blades and perfect balance for comfortable handling. Cutting food becomes a pleasure.

    Dedication down to the smallest detail

    Every detail is carefully checked by hand to ensure you the highest quality Japanese knives.

    Gift for the highest demands

    Delivered in a high quality gift box for protected and low-risk shipping. Perfectly packaged as a special gift for all cooking enthusiasts.

    Unique craftsmanship

    Each knife is the result of exceptional skill and dedication to the craft. Every single knife is unique.



    collection Carbon gold
    length 205mm
    Blade length 150mm
    Strength 1.6mm
    Weight 85 grams
    hardness 60-62° HRC
    Handle Carbon fiber with gold leaf and synthetic resin
    Packaging Magnetic Gift Box Black
    grinding angle 15°
    blade 66 layers of Damascus steel with VG-10 stainless steel core

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    Hervorragend Produkt

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    Filetiermesser Carbon Gold

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    Tolles Produkt, auf nach Norwegen. Gerne wieder.


    Super toller Service und die Messer sind hervorragend. Vielen Dank.

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