Sushi knife Yanagiba

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The most important knife in the kitchen

The sushi (sashimi) knife, also known as a yanagiba , is an essential tool in Japanese cuisine . It is specially used for slicing fish fillets for sashimi. With a sharp 270mm blade, the Yanagiba knife allows for one-stroke slicing to make sashimi smooth, shiny and even, maximizing flavor .

The long blade, made of 110 layers of Japanese Damascus steel , allows you to pull the knife in a "pulling" motion, so as not to tear or bruise the meat of the fish and to preserve the delicate flavor and soft texture of sashimi or nigiri sushi . The single-edged blade of the Yanagiba offers a unique non-stick property that allows the fish slices to be easily detached without sticking to the blade.

  • 110 layers of Japanese Damascus steel
  • Hardened to 61° HRC Rockwell
  • Perfect for preparing sashimi and nigiri sushi dishes
  • Unique non-stick property thanks to the concave side of the blade
  • Exquisite gift box included

A culinary delight in perfection

Each knife impresses with extremely sharp blades and perfect balance for comfortable handling. Cutting food becomes a pleasure.

Dedication to the smallest detail

Every detail is meticulously hand-checked to ensure you the highest quality Japanese knives.

Gift for the highest demands

Delivered in a high-quality gift box for protected and low-risk shipping. Perfectly packaged for all cooking enthusiasts as a special gift.

Unique craftsmanship

Each knife is the result of exceptional skill and dedication to the craft. Every single knife is unique.



collection sushi
length 370mm
blade length 270mm
Strength 4mm
Weight 450 grams
hardness 60-62°HRC
Handle Wood. steel, horn
Packaging Gift box, black
grinding angle 15°
blade 110 layers of damask steel

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Jörg Voogt

Ich kann es nicht lassen, das Messer fehlte mir in meiner Sammlung noch, liegt sehr gut in der Hand und sehr scharf. Das ist ein Messer damit kann man was anfangen .

Peter Fijalka
Ich mag schöne Sachen !

Sehr zufrieden !

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